Chasing Chickens

You’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been chasing chickens all day and I am a little bit… tired?  My name is… well, you all can call me “lil’ chick” for now. I think the name is befitting as I am usually found photographing chickens, chasing chickens, and looking for chicken eggs!

I’ll post more substantial material sometime tomorrow, but for now:

Betsy and her two  2 day old little lambs!

A Blue Bird Day

Heart of Chickens

Ancient Times… or maybe just a few decades, or days ago?

The BEST eggs are ones fresh out of the oven…so to speak

The Twins and their Mama


That’s it for now! Early to rise… and it’s way past my bed time!  Until next time, I hope you found these photographs fun!


lil’ chick


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