Meet The Characters at The Lyons Farmette!

Meet the Team over at the Lyons Permaculture Course (in no particular order)!


Meet Mike: He and Betsy own The Lyons Farmette.  What does he like?  He likes to ride this tractor AND he loves to stir up the conversations in class, bringing a wealth of insight to our sometimes crazy ideas and concepts.  He keeps our feet on the ground so to speak.


Betsy: She is the only mama at this course as far as I’m concerned.  Always slipping away in between class to feed chickens and check on the sheep.  Just last night she sat with a very pregnant mama sheep and comforted her while she popped out two healthy lambs.  A little girl and a little boy, making the sheep family on the farm reach a lucky number 7!


Lucy: Betsy and Mike’s hound.  Always guarding the house and her territory, she’ll warm up to you once she realizes you are a good cuddle.

Erin: She is the raddest teacher of them all.  Often found ringing this bell and trying to gather us all diligently when the hands on the clock remind us that we are supposed to be in class!  She is super passionate about the earth and teaching what she knows. Erin is silly and present, always open-minded about our endless questions and thoughts.

Laura( Ruby Tuesday): She is the other half of this incredible course, well she and about  15 other permaculture gurus.  What’s her least favorite word?  DIRT.  What’s her favorite word?  SOIL.  Always up for long extended conversations about why it’s incredibly important to take three-minute showers and leave the leaves where they are.  Laura is a wealth of information and her happiness and energy is contagious!

The Chickens: Now let’s not forget these fun ladies.  They LOVE food just as much as we do and often hop on our plates to steal some snacks.  They also create the BEST eggs.  I’ll never go back to grocery store-bought eggs…EVER.

The Permie People Students: Erin leading us blind through a snow patched field, our views masked by an array of fabrics.  This crew rocks!  We have philosophers, artists, activists, lovers of nature and of the planet as a whole.  We are the recent additions to the permie people clan!

Part of the Family: The llama, mama, and twins.  I am missing the other two adult sheep and the two newbies, but don’t worry, I’ll have tons of photo’s to share soon!  This llama is a rescue, and he is super sweet.  I believe he thinks he is a sheep!

Lil’ Chick: Me, myself and my dirty mushroom compost hands.  I’m not afraid to say how it is, get dirty, get sassy and keep it oh so real! SO, I hope you all enjoy this blog, the updates, knowledge and insights from one of the many students here at The Lyons Permaculture Course!

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